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47 Hour Firearms Training Course for Armed Security Guards

  • 47 hours

This course is open to anyone seeking certification for NYS Armed Guard. To work as an Armed Guard in New York State, you will need to take an approved NYS forty-seven (47) hour firearms course. This course will be conducted Saturday thru Thursday. There are two components to this course. Component 1 – a seven (7) hour instruction on NYS Article 35, The Use of Force/Deadly Physical Force. Component 2 – a forty (40) hour Range Instruction and Qualification. On the first day of the course you will be in a classroom setting. The following five days of the course will be conducted at the range. You must provide your own meals and transportation. Each student must be present at each day’s start time or they will not receive credit for the entire course. There will be two (2) examinations for successful completion of the course, one for each component. In order to register for this course you must meet the prerequisites the state requires, please see below. Classroom size is limited and booked on a first-come first-serve basis.

Please Note: This course does not meet the requirements for a conceal carry permit. At the completion of the forty-seven (47) hour course, you will need to complete the eight (8) hour Annual In-Service Training Course for Armed Guards each year. This course is held separately from the forty-seven (47) hour course. Please inquire about our other courses online.

Required Items for Class

  • Valid NYS Pistol Permit
  • Valid NYS Unarmed New York State Security Guard License (also known as a "registration card"). The hard card must be present on the first day of the course.
  • Muff Type Hearing Protection
  • Shooting Eye Protection
  • Baseball Cap
  • Range Type Clothing (BDU or similar, work boots) no shoes or sneakers
  • Any clothing required for weather conditions
  • Flashlight that will be used for work
  • Cleaning equipment for your pistol
  • A duty-type service law enforcement type weapon (no compact type), must be full size 9mm caliber or higher with a capacity of at least seven (7) rounds; OR double action revolvers, .38 special or larger with a capacity of at least five (5) rounds (smaller calibers are not acceptable for this course according to state regulations)
  • Must have a retention holster that fits the pistol and carried around the trainee's waist on a belt or waist band.
  • Three magazines if auto pistol is used and a holder for extra magazines.
  • Two speed loaders and holder if a revolver is used.
  • At least 600 rounds of ammunition (no magnum or jacketed bullets)


  $53 Range Membership – Student will obtain on first day of the range
$100 Registration Fee – Due at registration, prior to class
$650 Due on the first day of class

Security Guard Training Armed Guard Course Dates

There are no upcoming courses scheduled at this time.  Please check back later.

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