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Long Arm Investigative Services and Associates Inc. was founded by two good friends that trace their friendship to the beginning of their careers in Law Enforcement.  They have dedicated their adult lives to service and commitment to the Country and their Community.

It is with this dedication of service to protecting the citizens of this community that is still offered with a commitment of excellence by Long Arm Investigative Services and Associates.  The knowledge and skill obtained over the years in that service is of highest caliber.  The Instructor staff is recruited from the best of the best.  Our Instructors have numerous certifications from New York State and from Federal Law Enforcement agencies.

When you attend a class or retain a service of Long Arm Investigations, you automatically see the difference from other providers.  We have many successful graduates of our course that will attest to the high quality of our training.

You need to ask yourself if you want someone that thinks they are good, or someone that knows they are the best.

We offer the best service for whatever your need.  Whether you need an Investigation, Security Survey and Emergency Management Planning or Self-Protection Survival Training, you will see that when you have Long Arm Investigation on the job, you have the best.

We specialize in Background Investigations, Commercial Security Training, Commercial Security Evaluation, Computer Investigation, Emergency Planning, Fingerprinting, Fire Investigation, Firearms Training and Hostage Training.

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